SNAPOCS are the Fastest, Safest and Easiest way to strap down cargo Where You Want It and Where You Need It on Pickups, Trailers, Truck Racks, Walls, Ceilings, Floors and more! Stop wasting money on wimpy tangled hook straps. SNAPLOCS E-Track Singles give you the positive locking connection of professional grade logistic E-Straps. Weld-On SNAPLOCS fit almost everywhere (4-5/8"x1"x 1/2") and have an enormous 3000 lb break strength and 1000 lb working load ready for welding and to accept you own custom color finish. Pack includes 4 SNAPLOCS. Snap-Loc also offers a variety of System Accessories and Straps for most every type of application. Best of all, SNAPLOCS are Made in USA for that Ultimate Cargo Control! 


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